How I went from a life full of challenges to being a Transformational Healer and helping thousands of people thrive in their lives…

Before I understood that what I experienced in the past did not need to be part of my future, I was basically…a hot mess.

I was born into a life filled with abuse and toxicity, and could not see beyond that story for many years.

I tried and tried to shift my life, but everything seemed to epically fail.


Then I realized I was focusing on the wrong things.

Growing up in an abusive household without any protection from it, I developed many beliefs about how life supposedly worked. I grew to believe I was an inconvenience, did not have a right to be here or have needs of my own, was not protected against cruelty, and my only purpose was to make sure others around me were content so there could be peace, and I could feel safe.

I took on the responsibility of other people’s emotional states of being, and honestly thought that was my job because it seemed they could not do it for themselves. Throughout life, I found myself drawing in narcissistic and toxic relationships, struggle, lack, and many days wondered what the point of living was.

I was in chronic survival mode and did not even know another way existed. I did not realize I could choose something different.

But then... something happened.


I experienced complete destruction of my life.

I hit an undeniable and profoundly painful rock-bottom. I had sacrificed everything I had to a narcissistic psychic vampire and was a shell of a person. I knew this was not my truth. I was living a lie and could not tolerate it one moment longer. I was so completely uncomfortable in my life and I knew I needed to make radical change.

Step 1: Kick the narcissistic psychic vampire out of my life.

I let this man strip everything from me, and I wondered wtf I was thinking. I was so far from myself that my friends did not even recognize me.

My soul felt fractured. I was so weak I could barely stand. I hit rock bottom. It was time. I was ready for something… anything… different.

I wondered... Why do we wait for complete destruction of our lives before we realize something needs to change?

Step 2: HEAL

I did not know where I was going, or how I was going to get there, but I took the leap.

This deep soul dive took years of exploring all pieces of myself, challenging and dismantling belief systems, fighting the strong undercurrent of what was a deeply ingrained way of being, and learning how to navigate every aspect of the old Self. I am not gonna lie - sometimes, it was U-G-L-Y. But, little by little, I learned how to read every aspect that was not working, and through A LOT of trial and error, began to figure things out.

I quickly realized how powerful I was at creating everything I DID NOT want.

I also realized if I was so awesome at creating all I didn’t want, that I should be just as good at creating what I do. Once I learned the potential of that concept, my path became clear - not only for myself, but for my purpose here.

Throughout the years, my business has evolved with me. But one thing has always remained the same - my fierce dedication to uplifting as many people as I can.

I have worn many hats from teaching meditation, hosting wellness symposiums, facilitating retreats, running a holistic center, healing the healers, training others in energy healing modalities, and my beloved private practice.

My main contribution to humanity is reading emotional energy and clearing the deep layers of wounds. When we release that pivotal point of where and when the pain began, we clear it more completely and can finally be free of carrying the burden of it. I now teach others how to access that information within, and feel capable and empowered to heal themselves.

I am in constant dialogue with channel and have spent many years in deep meditation learning the secrets of the upper realms. These secrets are available to all of us, but we cannot hear them until we learn to tune into that channel.

I love to teach people how to access that sacred place within themselves - to learn they are divinely connected to guidance and information at all times - to learn they have infinite support of every aspect within their lives - to feel validation from a power that wants the best for them when making decisions - and to feel constantly surrounded by light and unconditional love.

I saw the powerful impact of the private work, but I was being led to reach more people. Guidance continued to come through nudging me - “More are ready!”, they said. “Reach more people”, they said. As soon as I created my first course, I saw the amount of impact this work could have in people’s lives.

I began to understand the potential, and I was sold.



The Limitless course is my most recent labor of love.

I have been in the hardship, suffering, lack, and struggle, and have moved through it myself, as well as assisted thousands of others to do the same. I have seen what works, what doesn’t, and how to bridge the gap between where people are to where they would like to be.

I am able to do this because I teach what I know. I teach what I have personally done, as well as all I have seen work for others over the past 2 decades.

Limitless online course contains vital information that guides you back to your inner knowing, and your true Self, not the story you have been telling yourself. It empowers you, it helps you to build confidence within yourself to make lasting change, and it helps you to basically get out of your own way (said with love!).

Limitless not only brings your awareness to an expanded perspective, but it teaches you to heal. When you learn to properly nurture your inner Self, life changes.


Are you ready to take the leap into living a life you love?

It’s a silly question, I know. Of course you are. You are here because you are ready!

Everything comes down to choice. You can continue to walk the same path you always have, or you can trust yourself and where you are led, and try out a new one.

What’s the best that can happen??