Soul work. Delicious soul work. It is sometimes the most exhilarating experience you think you could ever have, and other times, scary as, well, you know. Either way, through the good, the bad, and the U-G-L-Y, I love it. I love not only my own work but having the privilege of leading others through their work, is an indescribable feeling.

As an Intuitive Energy worker, a clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and channel, I have seen and experienced many amazing and remarkable things during sessions with each beautiful person who resides on my table for that short hour. The places I have been shown, the inter-dimensional beings I have been introduced to, and the incredible and awe-inspiring growth that surfaces from the journeys of each client all take my breath away. I am truly blessed to have these gifts, as well as the ability to share them!

In facilitating guided meditations for the past few years, there are certain facets that I look forward to each time. After every meditation, I love to hear where people journeyed, and all the deep places they allowed me to assist them in reaching within. It is by far one of my greatest joys in life. It fuels me beyond almost anything else. I loved it so much that I almost forget what it felt like on the other side of the channel.

I had been wanting to attend a guided meditation for some time but was so busy leading them, that it left little opportunity. So, when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it! I was excited beyond belief to sit in the amplified field of other kindred souls, and just be led. Led into my own depths, led safely through my own demons, led into places that I might not think to journey into on my own. This particular meditation was led by a dear friend of mine, which made it even more delightful! So, off I went.

As I settled into my seat, being led to sink deeper into myself, I found I journeyed into places of my past that I thought I had left behind and healed long ago. When I went in, I found that the labor had been done in packing up all the old baggage that no longer served me, but I had not sent any of it off, and was still apparently lugging it around with me! Details, right? So now I knew what needed to happen next. The images I was shown were so clear. It’s like “they” were just waiting for me to visit that space within so they could show me. Their energy reminded me of an excited child trying to keep a secret quiet, and simply bursting at the seams! So, I offered deep gratitude to them and transmuted the remaining density that evening. Finally!

Since that meditation, I have felt so much lighter – in mind, body, heart, and spirit. It reminded me of the importance and relevance of the meditations I facilitate and lead, and has propelled me to dive in, in even deeper ways. I have experienced amazing shifts since then and have become even more excited to share my work knowing the impact that it makes! What a beautiful reminder!

So, my suggestion to you would be to continue your daily meditations, and what works for you, but if you feel compelled towards something else, make sure to carve out time for it – as that too is guidance leading you to exactly what is needed. Continue to listen, tune in, and get to some guided meditations if you can. The experience that happens in sacred space filled with other kindred spirits is simply unmatched. Hope to see you at one of mine soon!!

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