Are You Ready to Uplevel Your Life?

You know you are meant to do big things. You have felt that truth all your life. But life has felt hard, defeating, and filled with challenges. You can feel that compelling force within you drawing you towards... something.

That "something" is YOU!

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It's time to connect with your authentic and beautifully gifted self! Join me and a small group of enlightened beings as we explore the potential of life. Learn to thrive as you access a sacred container of connection, wisdom, healing, transformation, and evolution.


The Summer/Fall Session is full. The Next Session Begins February, 2023!

"Are we there yet?"

Are you tired of the consistent challenges in life and feel like you can't seem to get ahead no matter what you do? You know at a deep level that life does not need to be this way.

Many people have experienced trauma and have dissociated from pieces of Self, including their gifts, innate Self, and their natural rights. Dissociation is a defense mechanism that is implemented for survival. But what happens when that form of protection is now creating blocks in your field and, ultimately, your life?

It is time to heal and step back into your true alignment. 

*Hint - everything you desire is contained within your alignment.*

It is time to come back home to yourself. Until you feel balanced within, that remains a challenge. Join me and others like you in a sacred container of deep-level healing and vibrational shifts. Finally, drop off the past, come back into wholeness, and create the life you know is meant for you.

What is the Elevate Group Coaching Experience?

Enter into a 6-month self-actualization membership that focuses on:

  • Breaking free from programs and the matrix.

    There are many programs that run as defaults within your subconscious mind. Those programs have been with you for so long, that you may not even realize they are not a part of your innate system. Let me help you see what no longer fits and teach you how to drop it off.

  • Upleveling your life.

    Many have been living in the density, the heaviness, and the struggle. Those struggles are a reflection of where your energy vibrates. You have the power to shift your vibration through conscious awareness, perception shifts, and daily practice. Translate your inner signals into information so you can more effortlessly move through anything that is creating a challenging life experience.

  • Claiming your gifts, path, and purpose.

    People ask me about stepping into their purpose - how to discover it, what to do with it, and how to walk in their truth. When we clear all that shrouds your authentic gifts, guess what is exposed and ready to be seen? It is time to step into the New Earth energy and claim what is rightfully yours.


Everything is energy. Your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs create your reality in every moment. As you ruminate on past experiences, you activate that particular energy vibration in your field. That vibration becomes your energy signature. If you are chronically living in stress, the only vibration that will interact with stress is, you guessed it = more stress!

You are a powerful creator and can actively choose how you want to feel, which then forms your life experience.

If you are tired of living in ways that do not work, tired of trying everything you can but have felt unsuccessful, and are ready for the easy button, read on, my friend!


Are you ready to:

  • Tap into your intuitive powers and natural gifts so you can make healthier and more aligned choices for yourself?

  • Embody abundance and your manifestation potential, and learn how to stop in living in survival mode?

  • Heal deep heart wounds so you can finally align with deeper-level support and love?

  • Discover how to identify what (or who) is lowering your vibration, and learn what to do about it?

  • Clean up old entanglements between you and others and unwind from emotional trauma?

  • Learn how to soothe your nervous system so you can begin to make decisions based on choice instead of fear?

  • Finally get clear on your true calling, path, and purpose?

Yeah, you know you are!

When you shift, balance, and learn to maintain your vibration, everything changes. 

You want details? You got 'em! You get:

A six-month container of Dynamic Weekly Group Video Calls beginning again in February 2023.

These include:


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Live Weekly Teachings

Get cutting-edge teachings on how to thrive in the New Earth energy. A very different way of being is available to us. Learn the most current techniques to bridge the gap in moving from the old paradigm to where you would like to be! 

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Intuitive Guidance

Bring all your burning questions to our calls and gain guidance and direction from yours truly. You no longer need to guess what to do next. Just ask and get real-time clarity!

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Energy Healing Transmissions

These transmissions help to clear out energy stagnancies so you can keep your vibration high and your manifestations flowing. Get energy upgrades week after week, and see what happens in your life! 

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Interactive Sessions

Our Live Calls not only offer guidance and insights, but these calls offer interactive experiences. You have the opportunity to learn in the present time how to work with your energy, amplify your gifts, and uplevel your life. Let me teach you my tricks of the trade!

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What is the biggest obstacle that keeps people stuck? Inconsistency. When you build the habit of showing up for yourself and each week know exactly where to apply your efforts, life changes come easily. And each week, you get to hang out with your new besties! It is a win-win.

Also included:

  • Invitation to an Exclusive Community

    It is time to meet and connect with others like YOU! This journey into Self can be an isolating one. That no longer needs to be your truth. Join us in an intimate group of 12 women. Experience feeling connected and supported!

  • Lifetime Access to the Content

    People who have worked with me always comment on how many insights they gained from having deeply conscious conversations. They comment that each time they revisit a recorded call, they gain a whole new understanding and depth. These recorded calls can serve you for years to come as you work through your layers.

  • Recordings of all Live Calls

    If you cannot attend a Live Call, you will always have access to the recording in your member's area. And, to make sure you always have access to answers, you can email me any questions before the call and I will make sure to address them for you! 

Space is limited to 12 women who are ready to claim their most authentic selves and live an empowered and inspired life experience.


Your Guide

My mission has always been to help others up-level their lives and cultivate the changes they seek.

Over the past two decades, I have been blessed to work with clients worldwide. In helping thousands of clients, I have seen what works, have learned the most effective strategies in clearing through deep blocks, stagnations, patterns, programs, and self-sabotage, and how to cultivate fast change.

I have seen it all! And I have seen the many ways that people get in their own way by default. When you are aware of the undercurrent of patterns and programs running, you no longer are a victim of circumstance but can reclaim your free will and choice. You then become the master of your reality.

My intentions for this membership are to share the most effective strategies to date, to teach you precisely how to process your inner worlds, and allow for plenty of support as you practice new ways of being in the present time.

It can be confusing to behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. Many people stagnate solely because they do not know how to do something they have never done before. That is where I come in. You will not be alone on this journey. I will be guiding you every step of the way. If you have ever wanted to learn better ways of being, this may be what you have been looking for!

Through Jean's guidance, I learned and reaffirmed that I am always enough and deeply connected to Source.

Coming into Jean’s work as a blank slate allowed me to gain more than I ever could have imagined. Jean is a gifted teacher, healer, and kind human, and I am so thankful our paths aligned. This work is the beginning of my journey, and I can’t wait to learn more from her. 

~ Katie Davis

Jean is such a wonderful and amazing healer, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Jean’s love of everyone in her classes, as well as her love for what she is teaching, makes this such an amazing experience. I would honestly recommend Jean for any of her services!

~ Ruth Volinski

Absolutely amazing and life-changing!

Being able to have the opportunity to work with Jean is something I will always be grateful for. Jean is intuitive, kind, gentle, and a phenomenal teacher. Her gentle approach to healing is the perfect amount of push and guidance. I hope to replicate this in my future practice. If you are wondering about energy, self-healing, growth, and spirituality, then work with Jean! I plan to continue future training with her. 

~ Haley Duncan

In the short period of time working with Jean, I became more at one with myself.

I came into this work so broken, lost, and confused. Due to Jean’s patience and understanding, I was able to break free of some of these negative energies holding me back from living life and letting go. I am absolutely in love with Jean and her work. It is worth every second! 


Jean is incredibly insightful.

Jean is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything very well. I feel more comfortable with not only who I am, but how I can help others. 

~ Katy Moldenhauer

Q & A

If you have specific questions, you can reach me directly at for a brief chat. I am here to help you make the best decision for YOU!