Finally, heal - for good.

Access one-on-one guidance to help you heal your past, and transform your future.

If you have felt confused, frustrated, and stuck in life, not knowing how to make a permanent change, you are in the right place, my friend.  Direct guidance on what is specifically blocking you can make all the difference in staying stuck or moving ahead. Schedule a FREE call with me to gain much-needed relief.


Are you tired of waking up each day dreading another day where you feel unfulfilled, anxious, worried, overwhelmed, and just plain stuck?

You desperately want freedom from the constant struggles in life, but there is a problem.

  • You have read all the self-help books, but do not know exactly how to activate that knowledge into tangible results.

  • You are confused about what is blocking you from your ideal life.

  • You have not had direct guidance to lead you through your specific challenges.

  • Life challenges continue to repeat themselves, and you've lost confidence in your ability to improve your life.


Much can be said of what takes place within the realm of Private Sessions, but the outcome is the same – Breakthrough Awareness and Deep Healing. This awareness serves to show you what is working, what is not, and how to heal it.

It is important to work with a guide so that you can:

  • Gain clarity of the obstacles standing in your way.

    It can be difficult to see what has been hidden. Within our work together, you will learn to see exactly what is blocking you, freeing you from anything in your way of living your best life!

  • Experience accelerated transformation and healing within our clearing work.

    We are made of energy. Your memories, thoughts, and beliefs create your energetic field. If you never clear your field, it is like carrying all the clothes you have worn since birth. Let me help you drop off what no longer fits, freeing you into an ease-filled life.

  • Know exactly where you are going and how to get there.

    This path can be isolating and confusing. Gaining guidance from someone who has already walked it allows feelings of safety, understanding, and deep support of your direction. 


I understand your challenges and your pain. I have been there myself and remember the pain of those struggles. I hear you and I sincerely want to help you create an easier life experience.

Throughout my 2 decades of practice, I have been fiercely committed to the process of healing all parts of Self - mind, body, and soul, and have helped thousands of others create lasting change and profound and permanent transformation.

What would it feel like:

  • To have a guide offering clarity to all that has been hidden?

  • To be cleared of heavy emotions that just won’t seem to go away?

  • To feel confident and empowered in making the best decisions for yourself?

  • To have a direct path to what you want?

  • To experience true freedom from limitation?

You no longer need to be alone on this sometimes isolating path. You no longer need to be searching in the darkness trying to see. Finally receive the guidance, clarity, and shifts you have been craving and know are meant for you.

Sound like something you are ready for?

If you find yourself feeling “Just done” with how your life has been running, and are ready to explore your best life, you are in the right place!

It is time to get clear about what is blocking you and learn how to break free!

Happy Clients

Working with Jean has been a transformative experience.

“She is a gifted healer, a loving coach, and the most powerful catalyst you could imagine on the path to finding your heart’s truth and your life’s purpose. She has helped in a very profound way to help me uncover and remove my self-limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck and ultimately unhappy. It’s almost hard to understand how far I have come in the year since I started working with Jean. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I am a happier, healthier, more centered, loving, and self-aware person than I was before. I will be forever grateful for the tremendous impact Jean has had on my life. Simply put, working with her will change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine.”

~ Katie Hover

Years of counseling and heartbreak is finally over.

“I was heartbroken, and despite years of counseling which helped me understand the challenges in my relationships, my feelings remained unresolved and painful. No matter how I tried to resolve it or ignore it, there was no relief. Working with Jean finally helped me to release the heavy emotions and pain. I have been able to heal my heart, experience pure happiness, and am excited to move onto the next phase of my life. I can’t say it enough – it is a true miracle.” 

~ MM, Mt Pleasant, SC

You are Jean’s priority, every time.

“Jean is simply amazing. As a therapist, as a coach, as a nurturer; she gives you everything you need and then some. I feel so loved and supported in her presence, and have had profound personal breakthroughs through her work. As a fellow healer, I find it challenging to find bodyworkers that have the purest intentions as well as an amazing skill set. Jean has both. You are not just another person on her schedule. You are her priority every time. And this is a special gift.”

~ Lindsay Simmons

It’s hard to put into words all that working with Jean has allowed me to create.

“Working with Jean has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced in this life. Her loving guidance and intuitive wisdom have supported me through major life events, helping me to navigate the inner waters of transformation, daily life stress, and up-leveling in my career with greater ease and flow. It’s hard to put into words all that working with Jean has allowed me to create and receive, but I highly recommend her services for anyone truly ready to create the life they know they’re meant to live.”

~ Stephanie Burg, Mt Pleasant, SC

It has been amazing to experience such personal progress.

"I came to Jean finding myself with career, creative, and financial goals. While I could see the outcomes I wished to create, I found myself utterly stuck. My brain was with me, but my emotions and energy were somehow not. Jean clearly knows how to clear out that muck. Since working with her over the last six months, I have attracted and landed my dream job, this has been the most productive creative period of my life, and it has been the most financially rewarding. It has been amazing to experience such personal progress. Jean is truly gifted."

~ Keli, MA

"And the day came when the need to remain closed

became more painful than the risk to open."

~ Anonymous 

You can continue the path of where you have been, or you can take the leap and choose an easier one.